Regular Chenille Jigs 

Our regular chenille jigs come with or without tail. We have 17 different colors and these are constructed on a 1/100 oz #12 hook.

.80¢ each

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#2 Gold Colorado Spinner will be used on Woolies ordered with spinner

Line Backer Chenille Jigs 

EXCLUSIVE to REED'S has come to be one of our most popular chenille jigs. We offer these in 24 different colors and they are constructed on a 1/100 oz #12 hook.     
.99¢ each


Bronze Hook, 1/100 oz

.80¢ ea

Woolies come in 3 hook sizes,  #6, #8, #10

we offer 27 colors as well as without or with spinner.

.80¢ each without spinner

$1.75 each with spinner

Thread Jigs

25 bright brilliant color combinations. 

Size 12 hook with a 1/100 oz lead head.

.90¢ each

Color Choice

Marabou Jigs     
Our marabou jigs come in 35 different colors and 4 different sizes. 
1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/100

.80¢ each

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Reed's Cabins

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