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Wapsi Marabou Color Chart

Wapsi Strung Marabou this blood quill is approximately 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" long. 1/4 oz per package.

$3.25 per package

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Marabou is a turkey body like feather. It has a fluid, lifelike breathing action that makes it incredibly useful. Marabou can be used for streamers, tails, bodies, throats, collars, wings and backs.

Whiting Bugger Pack feathers offer the tier an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill. This type of feather is perfect for palmering woolly bugger style flies of all sizes. Fits a varying range of hook sizes from #4 to #12.

$21.00 per pack

Goose Biots (Stripped Goose) Flies look awesome with this durable biot. Great selection of nymph colors, favorite on the prince nymph. 4 strips per package.

$1.70 per pkg

Duck Quills are used for wings and tails on many standard wet fly patterns.

2 matched pairs per package.

​$ 1.89 per package

Wapsi Wooly Bugger marabou tie a perfect wooly bugger with the softest fuzziest densest marabou available. 1/8 oz per package.
$2.40 per package

Turkey Biots are a bigger more translucent biot dyed to match the hatch. Wrap it to make a segmented body on dries and midges. Also great for big stone flies. 4 strips per package.

$2.59 per package 

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Hareline Marabou Color Chart

Hareline Blood Quills can be used for many things. Hareline blood quills are a high quality of marabou.

​$2.90 per package

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Hareline Extra Select Strung marabou is very long and full this is definitely a premium product.
$2.90 per package  

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Hareline Woolly Bugger Marabou is very webby and perfect for buggers.

​$2.90 per package

Peacock Herl is essential for fly tying.  It is one of the most used materials in fly tying. The iridescence of peacock feathers has been catching fish and fisherman for many years. A must for every fly tyer, 5" to 7" Small.
$3.18 per package

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Wapsi Select marabou has the longest feathers available with long barbs and a heavy stem. Great for Spey collars. 12 stems per package. 
$2.45 per package

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