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2220 (Bronze) 4X-Long Streamer Hook

4X-long hooks are great for minnow imitations. The shank of the hook is the right length to create properly proportioned fish profiles. Some fishers complain that hook shanks longer than 4X allow the fish to use leverage on the shank to “throw” the hook simply by biting down on the shank near the eye of the hook.
Round bend, down-eye, 1X-heavy wire, 4X-long shank, forged.

Uses: Streamers, Muddlers, Woolly Buggers, Zonkers, Bucktails

Available sizes: 10,12,14

$5.75 per package of 25

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1140 Special Wide-Gape Hook

Daiichi introduced this up-eye version of the scud hook in 1990. By incorporating an up-eye, this design gives the hook a larger “bite”. In other words, a down-eye would significantly restrict the hooking ability of this hook by closing off the gape.
Continuous bend, up-eye, 1X-fine wire, 1X-short shank, forged, reversed.

​Available sizes: 14,16,18,20

$6.25 per package of 25

1260 (Bronze) Bead-Head Nymph Hook

​The 1260 hook was designed in 1995 by the Orvis Company and Angler Sport Group as a hook to use specifically with metal beads to make “bead head” nymphs. The shape of the bend and standard wire facilitates the use of beads with a smaller center hole. The curved shank gives flies a more aesthetically pleasing and natural look. They’re also great for hoppers and terrestrials.Round bend, straight-eye, curved shank.

Uses: Bead Head Nymphs, Hoppers, Terres- trials. Easy to use with beads of all types.

Available sizes: 8,10,12,14,16

$5.75 per package of 25

1550 (Bronze) Standard Wet Fly Hook 
This is the traditional “wet fly” hook. Wet flies are time honored, successful, subsurface patterns. (see 1530) These hooks feature a more gradual curve of the wire in the transition from the straight shank to the bottom of the bend. This shape is associated with an early English hook-maker named Sproat and today is still referred to as a sproat bend. Dedicated fly tiers consider this as the proper bend to give wet flies their aesthetic beauty. Sproat bend, down-eye, standard wire, standard length.

Uses: Traditional Wet Flies
Available sizes: 8,10,12,14,16. 
$5.50 per package of 25

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1120 Heavy Wide-Gape Scud Hook

This heavy wire version of style 1130 was introduced in 1999 as a response to feedback received from flyfishers who need tougher hooks for heavy powerful fish, like steelhead, and those who want heavier wire to aid the sinking speed of their subsurface flies. Continuous bend, down-eye, 2X-heavy wire, 1X-short shank, forged, reversed.

Uses: Scud, Shrimp, Grubs, Pupae, San Juan Worms, Nymphs.

Available sizes: 8,10,12,14,16,18

​$5.50 per package of 25

1750 (Bronze) Straight-Eye Streamer Hook

This hook is a variation of the standard (4X) streamer, because it features a straight eye (or ringed eye). Some anglers prefer this variation to the popular down-eye model. Keith Fulsher advocated the straight eye streamer hook in his book “Fishing the Thundercreek Series.” Round bend, straight-eye, 1X-heavy wire, 4X-long shank, forged.

Uses: Muddlers, Streamers, Zonkers, Bucktails

Available sizes: 8,10,12,14

$5.75 per package of 25


1280 (Bronze) 2X-Long Dry Fly Hook
Longer dry flies need longer hooks! This hook is great for hoppers, crickets, and other terrestrials as well as damselflies, stoneflies, or large mayflies.
Round bend, down-eye, 1X-fine wire, 2X-long shank,

Available sizes: 10,12,14,16. 
$5.75 per package of 25

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1110 (Bronze) Wide Gape Dry Fly Hook, Straight Eye
This hook features an over sized eye to facilitate easy threading of tippet material, and has the dimensions of a modern dry fly hook, including a slightly wider gape than a Mustad 94840 standard dry fly hook. Model perfect bend, oversized straight-eye, 1X-fine wire.

Available sizes: 12,14,16,18,20,22.

$5.50 per package of 25

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1640 (Bronze) Multi-Use Dry Fly Hook 
The 1650 Tube Fly Hook has the same shape as the 1640. This hook features 2X-heavy wire which makes it great for large trout, steelhead and salmon tube flies.
Round bend, straight-eye, 2X-short shank, reversed, forged. 1650 has 2X-heavy wire.

Available sizes: 14,16,18.

$5.25 per package of 25

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1560 (Bronze) Traditional Nymph Hook 
1X-long hooks are about “one eye length” longer than standard shank length. They are used for slightly longer wet flies, which give them a “truer to nature” dimension, considering that wet flies represent mayflies, which are long bodied insects. They are also a reasonable length for mayfly nymph imitations or wet flies featuring a bead head. Sproat bend, down-eye, 1X-heavy wire, 1X-long shank.

Uses: Wet Flies, Traditional Nymphs

Available sizes: 8,10,12,14,16.

$5.50 per package of 25

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1510 (Bronze) Glow-Bug Hook
3X-short hooks have been very popular with fishers that used salmon eggs as bait and by flyfishers who use “artificial eggs” as patterns for steelhead trout or salmon. Fly tiers prefer this type of hook for spider and ant patterns which are successful for trout in situations when there is no apparent significant hatch of aquatic insects occurring, such as late summer. Sproat bend, down-eye, 3X-short shank.

Uses: Egg Patterns, Spiders, Ants

Available sizes: 8,10,12. 
$5.50 per package of 25

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1250 (Bronze) Dennis Brown Glass Bead Hook

Dennis Brown was instrumental in the early 1990’s in developing fly patterns utilizing glass beads. This hook was designed specifically by Brown and Angler Sport Group to facilitate the use of glass beads in the body of the fly. It has features such as a continuous bend, barbless and standard wire so that beads with small holes will slide on easily. Continuous bend, up-eye, standard wire, 1X-long, barbless, slightly offset.

Uses: Killer Caddis,TM Beaded Nymphs, Scuds, Shrimp, Grubs, Pupae

Available sizes: 14,16,18

$5.50 per package of 25